A leaking roof is a serious cause for concern as it means that water is being allowed to enter your home. If left unchecked, it can flow all the way down to the foundation, which could result in serious structural damage. Therefore, even if your roof is only leaking sometimes, it’s still important to have it inspected. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons for these occasional leaks.

Horizontal Rain

Rain typically falls vertically from the sky, and shingles are designed to deflect water that falls in such a manner. However, during periods of strong winds, rain can hit a roof horizontally. In such a scenario, it may make its way through shingles even if they are installed correctly and in good condition.

Heavy Rain

In addition to being vulnerable to horizontal rain, a roof can also be vulnerable to heavy rain. This is because shingles and other components are not designed to deal with torrential downpours whether they last for a few minutes or a few hours in duration. Therefore, you may notice that water starts to drip from the ceiling only during a severe thunderstorm or during a long duration rain event. In the rare event that snow or ice accumulates on your roof, you may also notice a leak when it melts.

Skylights Are Prone to Leaks

To install a skylight on your home, you have to cut out a chunk of the roof. In theory, the skylight will fit snugly into that gap and ensure that air and water can’t get into your house. However, the truth is that the seal between the glass and your roof can degrade over time, which means that water can get inside. If you only notice signs of water damage near the skylight, you should be suspicious that it is the culprit.

Of course, there is no way to truly know where a leak is coming from until the roof can be inspected. This is because the water that you see may have traveled from the source of the leak itself. The folks at Big Rock KangaROOF in Little Rock and surrounding areas can come to your home and determine the location of a leak and how to fix it. You can opt to schedule an appointment or ask that we make an emergency visit to your home if you need your roof fixed immediately.

A Vent Pipe or Chimney Is Damaged

When working properly, vent pipes and chimneys allow for smoke or other gasses to escape your home without incident. Without these tools, potentially toxic or explosive materials would build up inside of your house. Although these items make your house safer to live in, they are susceptible to damage over time. Chimneys may be vulnerable to cracks because they are exposed to both warm air generated by your fireplace and cool air outside. Vent pipes tend to be most vulnerable during times of heavy rain, but they can also degrade over time because of exposure to the elements or because of damage caused by pests or animals.

The Roof Is Old

An asphalt shingle should last for about 20 years assuming that it is properly installed and maintained. After about two decades, shingles can lose granules, become stiff or otherwise lose their ability to prevent water from seeping into your home. You may also notice that gutters, downspouts or other components designed to take water away from your house are clogged, cracked or simply not capable of doing their job. We encourage you to have your roof inspected on an annual basis regardless of how old your roof is. Doing so can help to catch minor issues that might result in a roof leak or other expensive problems.

If you notice signs of water or other types of roof damage, don’t hesitate to give the folks at Big Rock KangaROOF a call today! In addition to roof inspections and repairs, we can also install new metal or asphalt roofs in a timely, affordable and friendly manner. We can also work with you to repair storm damage caused by hail or fallen debris.

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