Facing roof damage after a storm is stressful, and negotiating with your insurance company for a roof replacement can add another layer of complexity to this difficult situation. A successful negotiation depends on your understanding of your insurance coverage, meticulous documentation of damages, and awareness of other available options.

Our professionals at Big Rock KangaROOF in Little Rock, AR, understand that this is a very trying time, especially while you’re dealing with other effects of the storm that led to the roof damage. We can help with documenting the damage and getting the roof replaced so your biggest asset is protected.

Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Knowing the ins and outs of your insurance policy is crucial. Your compensation is dependent on the type of coverage you have listed in your policy documents. There are two ways that the insurance company may determine the value of the roof replacement. The method that applies to your case is listed on your policy, so you should check it to determine which method applies to your claim.

Replacement Cost Value

The replacement cost value method is the more favorable option for the policyholder. This type of coverage pays for a new roof, subtracting only your deductible. These policies usually have higher premiums, but they come with a greater peace of mind. Knowing that you have this kind of policy allows you to negotiate from a stronger position, ensuring you get a new roof without incurring additional expenses aside from your deductible.

Actual Cash Value

The actual cash value method considers the age and condition of your roof at the time of the damage. You’ll receive the value of your roof minus depreciation and your deductible. This often results in a lower payout, which is favorable for the insurance company. Understanding this can help you manage your expectations during negotiations. One thing you can often negotiate if you have this type of valuation in your policy is the depreciation amount the insurance company uses for your claim.

Make a List All Damage

Having a list of all the damage that the storm caused to your roof can help you with your overall claim. When you’re dealing with the insurance company, always make a list of anything that’s damaged. Be sure you list the primary damage and the collateral damage.

Collateral damage includes things like dents in siding, damage to outdoor furniture, or gutter issues can also be part of your claim. Including these in your list provides a more comprehensive picture of the total damage, which can be crucial during negotiations.

Present Proof of the Damage

Solid evidence is vital when discussing your claim with the insurance company. Photographs, videos, and professional assessments serve as robust proof. Our experienced roofers are familiar with handling insurance claims, so they know what to include in the documentation for the insurance company.

Your insurance company will send an adjuster to get a first-hand account of the roof damage. Typically, it’s a good idea to leave the roof alone until this happens. The only exception to this is taking steps to mitigate the damages, which means putting up a tarp or similar steps if there’s a chance the roof is leaking.

When the insurance adjuster is at your home, be sure to point out all the collateral damage that occurred. Even smaller damages, such as hail dings on the gutters, can make a big difference in the claim. And, it’s best to make these claims with the roof claim because of the deductible.

Pursue Other Options

Sometimes, insurance companies are difficult to work with, and negotiating the roof replacement won’t be possible. At this point, you may have to file a complaint with the insurance board and potentially take legal action against the company. Working with someone who’s familiar with claims like yours can help you learn the exact steps and what you should expect.

Contact Our Reputable Roofers

Ultimately, the goal is to have your home’s roof replaced so your home is protected. Our professional roofers understand the urgency in this matter and are ready to help you get what you need to make the roof replacement happen. Contact us at Big Rock KangaROOF immediately for roof inspections, repairs, and replacements.

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