When your home is due for a new roof, homeowners do not have to remove the old roof. Installing a metal roof over an existing shingle roof is a good solution due to its longevity and cost-effectiveness. Consider potential issues with installing a metal roof over shingles, though.

One potential issue is that the existing roofing structure may not be in good condition. If the shingles are old and worn, they could cause leaks in the new roof. Remember, the weight of a metal roof is greater than a shingle roof. It could stress the structure of your home and weaken your roof’s structural integrity. Roofers discourage installation of a metal roof over shingles because of the following problems.

Difficulty Checking the Deck and Framework

Installing a metal roof over shingles can be difficult due to the complexity of assessing and preparing the underlying deck and framework. Metal layers can stress the underlying framework. Without a proper inspection of the existing substructure, the project becomes an outright failure. For optimal performance and longevity, install a metal roof on top of a solid substructure. Ensure it meets all local codes for stability and strength.

Building codes differ from state to state, with some states allowing contractors to put a layer of roofing on top of an existing roof. If the job is done well, metal roofs can increase your structure’s energy efficiency and add value to your home. Professional installation services can also ensure the metal roof works as advertised.

Weight of the Metal and the Shingles

Installing a metal roof over shingles can be daunting due to the additional weight it adds to the structure. Not all structures are strong enough to support the extra weight. Some are designed for traditional weightless shingle roofs. Homeowners should hire roofing contractors to conduct a thorough evaluation before attempting such a project. They will ensure the home has the proper infrastructure to handle the added weight of the metal.

Missed Damage and Shortened Roof Lifespan

Installing a metal roof over shingles is not ideal for anyone looking for long-term roofing value and safety. Depending on the current state of the existing shingles, this process can hide old roof damage that has gone unnoticed. Roofers will then have to conduct proper repairs if they notice pre-existing damage. In addition, it shortens the entire system’s life expectancy, meaning costly repair and maintenance down the line. If you want your metal roof to give long-term service, a stripped installation gives longer-lasting value.

Condensation/Moisture Problems

By layering roofing materials, you risk trapping moisture and reducing airflow. This leads to buildup of condensation between layers, causing mold and mildew. Such incidents cause wood rot and weaken the structural integrity of your home. If your existing roof is already in poor condition, it would be better to replace it instead of covering it up with fresh new material.

Irreplaceable Crucial Roofing Components

You cannot replace some crucial roofing components, like the existing ventilation system and flashings, if the metal roof is in place. Any repairs to these areas would require removing the entire metal covering, an expensive and labor-intensive project. In addition, because of their highly reflective surface and additional layers, metal roofs impact how your home retains or releases heat energy. Consult a professional to assess the pros and cons of your situation and make informed recommendations.

Warranty May Be Voided

Installing a metal roof over existing shingles is more manageable and cost-effective than stripping off the old roof and replacing it. However, warranties on a new metal roof may be voided if installed over shingles. Warranties often cover labor and materials for repairs, not when damage is due to negligent installation. Metal roofs provide endless benefits of style, weather protection, durability, and longevity. But, proper installation is the best way to take advantage of these benefits. Taking the time to remove your existing shingle layer before putting a new one on gives you the best out of your warranty benefits. It covers unforeseen circumstances that may occur with the new roof as well.

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When faced with the task of replacing an old shingle roof with a metal one, people wonder how to avoid the problems highlighted above. The key is getting help from experienced professionals who can guide you with every process. We have a team of trained roofers who specialize in installing metal and shingle roofs. Contact Big Rock KangaROOF today to learn how to find the best value in installing metal roofs for your home in Little Rock Arkansas. We provide residential roofing and storm damage services.

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