When you decide that it’s time to get your home’s roof replaced, you may be wondering what’s next. You want to do everything possible to ensure a smooth replacement process. Fortunately, by following the steps that we’ll cover below, you’ll be well on your way to a successful roof replacement service.

Get Your Funds in Order

A new roof for your home can be quite costly, to say the least. You’ll need to have the funds in place or speak with your chosen roofer about financing for the project. They will be able to provide you with an estimated replacement cost. This should all be discussed ahead of time so you know what your budget is and how much your new roof is going to cost.

Remove Hanging Decor

Any photos or decor hanging on your walls are susceptible to falling if there is enough vibration. As the roofers work to nail down your new shingles, your walls may experience some vibrations, especially the upper level. Do yourself a precautionary favor and remove any hanging photos or decor before your roof undergoes replacement.

Move Your Vehicle

You may be accustomed to parking your car in the driveway. However, when your roofing is getting replaced, that’s not a great place for it, as falling debris could cause damage. You should move your vehicle away from your home and consider parking on the street. It’s very likely that your roofer will need driveway space close to your home for a rented dumpster to put all of your old shingles in.

Move Outdoor Items

Just as your vehicle shouldn’t be located close to your home, neither should any of your other belongings. Items like patio furniture and outside decor can become victims of unintentional crushing from materials that fall from your roof. You should opt to store these items indoors, in your shed, or in your garage to keep them safe during the replacement process.

Cover Anything in the Attic

Keep in mind that your roofers are going to be banging hammers against your roof, which can cause any debris on the ceiling of your attic to be knocked loose. It’s a good idea to throw a sheet or other cover over any belongings that you have in your attic. This way, they’re protected from any falling debris.

Plan for Pets and Kids

Your pets and kids are two big concerns you need to remember when you’re having a professional roofing service at your home. It would help if you plan on keeping your pets and children indoors for the day. If possible, consider having your children visit a friend or ask your family to pet-sit so your animals aren’t overly stimulated by all the roofers moving around.

Designate Outdoor Outlets

It isn’t uncommon for your roofing contractor to need to use an electrical outlet or two. You can help expedite the process by locating your outdoor outlets, ensuring they work, and unplugging any devices you’re using. Simply let your roofer know when they arrive which outlets are available for them to use. If you don’t have any outdoor electrical outlets, consider dedicating an indoor outlet near a window or door where an extension cord can be safely run to the outdoors.

Mow Your Lawn

One lesser-known preparation step that can help make the old roof removal process much easier is mowing your lawn. When your lawn is freshly mowed, it will be easier to see any pieces of asphalt shingle that happen to divert from the dumpster chute. You can help to minimize your risk of finding lose debris after your roofer leaves if you give them a freshly mowed lawn to work with.

Have Trees and Shrubbery Trimmed Back

Your roofers will need access to your entire roof. If any sections have low-hanging branches or climbing shrubbery, it will not only make the workers’ environment dangerous but could greatly hinder their ability to replace your roof. It’s a good idea to have those low-hanging branches and climbing shrubbery trimmed back by a licensed professional before your roof replacement service.

Reliable Roof Replacement Service

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